Bump of moulds

Special materials(Be-Cu) for enhanced cooling. Bump of mould technology produces plastic caps and lids, or and plastic part , with internal undercuts requiring the need of mechanical push to eject the part from the core. Bump-off mold deign concentrate on achieving the best cooling possible through the use of multiple inserts and specialized materials.

Unscrewing Moulds

Unscrewing moulds are designed for caps and closures with detailed that which cannot be ejected using bump off Methods . When these parts are molded they must be unscrewed from the mould to avoid thread damage.KTC has developed proven design for unscrewing molds with optimized cooling allowing shorten the cycle times.

Compact Slide Action Moulds (CSAM)

CSAM molds enable slide action to be incorporated into the mold design without compromising the mold number of cavities for a given machine size. Examples of products produced with CSAM mold include tamper evident carbonated and noncarbonated closures. CSAM technology enables the tamper evident tear band to be molded in high cavitation molds eliminated post mold slitting operations.

Collapsing Core Moulds

Collapsing core technology enables the molding of creative packing solutions, including 360 degree of internal thread and undercuts as well as containers or closures with small necks diameters than the core or body(e.g. cosmetic jars). These capabilities enables the injection mold of part designs that would traditionally have been molded via injection blow or extrusion – blow methods.

Flip - top Moulds

Flip- top molds enables a hinge to incorporated in the plastic Part design. Part are typically molded in the open position and may be ejected “open” or in the “closed “ position . We make a variety of flip top closures with multi - point hinges , butterfly hinges and in mold closing technologies for household , personal care, food , pharmaceutical and beverage customers.

In- Mould Closing System (IMC)

In-mold closing systems are used to automatically assemble molded parts prior to ejection from the molding surface. These systems operate during the opening time of the mold to minimize the impact on the cycle time. KTC uses proprietary, proven IMC designs to integrate the closing rack and maximize mold cavatiaon. Mechanisms can be actuated through pneumatical, hydraulics or mechanical/servo driven sources.

Multi – Material Molds

Multi- material and multi component molding has grown significantly. The advantages of applying this technology are not only esthetics, but may be driven by part functionality, or to enhance part design features or simply to add quality to the part or reduce downstream part assembly cost.

Thin Wall Containers

For Ultra-light-weight Container applications, we have proven the ability to achieve part weights that will make injection molding much more competitive against thermoforming, while maintaining equal wall thickness all over the part and also maintaining high top load compression strength.